The Lanfear Lab @ANU Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics

We're recruiting...

We have funding for domestic (Australian and NZ citizens) Honors and PhD students, and we're keen to support international applications for competitive scholarships too. For honors, you will need to have (or be on track for) good undergraduate grades. For a PhD, you will need to have (or be on track for) a first-class honors degree. I am interested in students with backgrounds in any kind of biology, math, or computer science. Potential projects are listed here, but we're open to ideas if you have a related project that you think would be a good fit with the lab.

General Information

If you're interested in joining the lab please get in touch. There are various routes to securing funding for Honors, PhDs, and PostDocs, and these differ depending on your circumstances and nationality. For qualified applicants, we will do everything we can to help you get great scholarships and fellowships. We occasionally have fully-funded opportunities will be advertised here and elsewhere (e.g. EvolDir).

Typically, I take about one new PhD student each year. I hold interviews in around September, and formal admission through the university is due in October.

The ANU is an absolutely wonderful place to work. There is a large and vibrant scientific community, and the Ecology & Evolution department in particular is fantastic. It is cohesive, supportive, productive, and incredibly social. Canberra is a fantastic place ot live - it is routinely ranked as one of the best places in the world to live, and combines a small town feel with a vibrant social scene. The incredible beaches of South-coast NSW are only 2 hours away. We go there for lab retreats, and with any excuse we can find (climbing trees, surfing, snorkelling, camping etc).

Here is a gratuitous photo of our regular lab retreat (with three closely-related labs from Canberra and Sydney) at the beach in 2018. It involves science, music, surfing, kayaking, swimming, children, and a host of other fun things. Lanfear Lab 2018